The New Website!

Hello!  David Crandall II (Dave's son, the web designer) here!  We have officially launched the website!  We are excited about the new look and new features we've added to the website, all of which which I hope will bless you.

We've changed quite a bit to the website.  You'll first notice the new look.  I've changed the site from an old-style flash based website, to much cleaner, more modern look.  This will help increase loading times for anyone who visits.  The site has gotten a bit wider, as well.  With advances in technology, the resolution of the old website was just too small to fill the smallest of computer screens today.  Having the new look will hopefully enhance your online experience at the new Dave Crandall Ministries website.

We've added a new "News" page.  On the news page, Dave and I will update you on current events with Dave's ministry, life, and the website.  This will make your online experience at the website much more personal and informative.

I'm personally excited about our new "Store" page!  Ordering online has become easier than ever with our new shopping cart system.  We currently offer only Dave's albums on CD, but will soon add digital downloads to the mix.

Lastly, we've added a new music player.  This music player plays multiple tracks, as apposed to the old 1-track player.  This will give you a chance to listen to more of Dave's music at home, and will add variety to your listening experience.

That covers everything.  We hope you enjoy the new website!  God Bless!

David II


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